Saturday, February 28, 2015


If you have received email from Mr. Timothy Pual address, Beware of the sender as numerous scam emails has been sent by this particular individual. Emails like these are designed to commit online frauds and steal identity. Do not fall victim of identity theftDo not sharing any banking details with the sender. Identity theft is common over Internet
If you want more information how this scam email work . Please Read  Advance Fee Frauds and Identity Theft . You can also find other emails addresses and names of scammers.
Please do leave comment this way my blog will receive more visitors and awareness will be spread and we can save many from these scam emails. 
we recommend not to Transfer funds to these individuals.
Identity theft is quite common on Internet, It will seriously hurt your Credit History.
Do not fall for free donation type scam emails or rewards where someone asks for advance fee.
Recovery for funds sent to these scammers are nearly impossible. Once sent you can never claim it back.
Tel. No.: +22968771904

It is my great pleasure to inform all our costumers which are involved
in a Victim of scam that is all over the world, we have Meeting
yesterday with the president of this country and all the Government
office staff here which is exp, IMF, High Count Office {H.C.O}, FBI,
EFCC, IRS they are all gathering for the meeting yesterday, they have
concluded after the meeting and said sorry for all those which involve
in a Victims of scam and there is a Special Compensation Bonus to all
the scam Victim which is $750,000.00USD Dollar { Seven Hared and fifty
thousand USD Dollar} through Money Gram Office Transfer and I hope
that you can receive money through money gram office or western union
, RIA money transfer in your country.

And your Special Compensation Bonus was approve today by the
Government office here to being transferring to you and before we
commence your payment to be transfer through money gram office or
western union, RIA money transfer here, I want to let you know that
the total fund of your compensation payment of $750,000.00 USD Dollar
need to Activate before the transfer we take place and which we cost
only little amount of $55.00 USD Dollar to do that here in our office.

Note that you are going to receive two payments every day, your first
payment of $4,500.00 we transfer in the morning time by 9:00AM in your
country time and second payment of $4,500.00 we be in afternoon by
3:30PM, until your total fund of $750,000.00 USD Dollar is complete
transferring to you through money gram office or western union, RIA
money transfer of your choose.

So the reason why this your transfer is very urgent and important is
that we are going to enter a project for this year 2015, that is why
we want you to receive all the total fund of your payment, latest by
the Month end of March 2015, so I want you to comply with this our
instruction for you to start receiving your fund immediately without
any further delay again.

I want you to send the Activation fee of $55.00 USD Dollar through
Western Union Office or Money Gram with this our Accountant Agent Mr.

Receiver Name........... DEAN MOLU
Country..............Benin Republic
Text Question...........when
Amount..................$55.00 USD Dollar
M t c n number...
Sender's Name..........

The moment you do that, write out the payment information written on
The payment slip, forward it back to us which will enable in
Confirming the payment you sent such as, Note; this is the only
Payment you are required to make in this regards for every other fee
Haven’t been waived by the Federal Ministry. As soon as we confirm the
Fee today, we will immediately activate your mtcn NUMBER# and notify
with information you need to go ahead and pick up your $4,500.00 today
as stated. Please note that you need to go along with your passport ID
or Drivers license when you need to pick up the transfer today through
money gram office or western union, RIA money transfer of your
choose. Okay. Waiting on your urgent respond.

Mr. Timothy Pual.
Telephone Number +22968771904.
Contact E-mail {}

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